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Energy Community achieved the 2020 target for energy efficiency

Three Contracting Parties of Energy Community, Albania, Moldova and Montenegro have overachieved their national 2020 targets under the 2009 Renewables Directive, while the remaining Parties came close, reports the Energy Community Secretariat.

Overall, the Energy Community has achieved the 2020 target for energy efficiency set by the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive. The combined final energy consumption of all Contracting Parties has stayed well below the maximum set by the Directive. Seven Contracting Parties with the exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Georgia, have kept their energy consumption below their national energy efficiency target for 2020.

“Without belittling the scale of the challenges ahead, the Energy Community having met the 2020 energy efficiency target is a notable achievement. While not all Contracting Parties were able to reach the renewables target at the end of 2020, it is encouraging to see that wind and solar technologies are starting to make a breakthrough in a coal-dominated power mix”, noted Artur Lorkowski, Director Energy Community Secretariat.

The majority of the energy efficiency measures in the Energy Community were implemented in the manufacturing and building sectors.

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