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Czechia introduces the EU’s priorities for COP27

Czechia’s Deputy Minister of Environment and Government Plenipotentiary for International Climate Negotiations, Jan Dusík reminded us that we need to build on the results of COP26, namely the Glasgow Climate pact to fill the numerous remaining gaps regarding mitigation, adaptation, finance and loss and damage.

Participating in a ‘pre-COP’ ministerial meeting in Kinshasa, theDemocratic Republic of Congo, MinisterDusík introduced the EU’s priorities for COP27. The Council’s conclusions will be adopted in the next Council meeting of Environmental Ministers on 24 October in Luxemburg.

“The ministerial discussion in Kinshasa was important for finding commonalities and a better understanding of our divergencies and how we can bridge them,” underlined MrDusík. “These consultations will help in fine-tuning the EU’s mandate and for steering the complex negotiations in Sharm el Sheik next month. I am encouraged that all ministers show commitment to act and make COP27, the African COP, successful.”

COP 27’s priorities and the EU’s position

More than 50 ministers and representatives of the Parties gathered in Kinshasa.

Progress on provisions of climate finance seems to be key to the success of COP27. According to the press release by the Czech Environment Ministry, the annual 100 billion US dollars goal of providing climate finance by developed country parties should be fully delivered in 2023 (in 2021, 85 billion dollars was collectively provided). Another important goal, which needs a clear roadmap, is the doubling of dedicated finance for climate adaptation by 2025, as well as moving forward with a new Global Goal on Adaptation.

As the most difficult theme, many participants of the meeting mentioned the agenda of Loss and Damage, where developing counties are proposing creating a new fund to address the most urgent losses caused by climate change. Whilst developed countries and donors are focusing on COP27 to accelerate the Santiago Network on Loss and Damage (adopted in 2020) and bolster existing institutions and initiatives to help the most vulnerable to resist extreme events such as hurricanes, floods, droughts or fires.

Separately, in its EU Presidency role, Czechia is also facilitating negotiation talks on a new international agreement on plastics, which will be taken over by Sweden as Czechia’s successor to the EU Presidency. Last month, experts held discussions in Prague at an informal meeting of the EU Council’s Working Party on Global Issues (WPIEI Global), during which, the circular economy and the health impacts of microplastics were discussed and countries also clarified the EU-wide position for further negotiations.

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