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Czech Republic’s new call to implement energy savings

The Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade announced a new call under the EFEKT programme, which aims at implementing the energy savings, increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Both entrepreneurs, apartments’ owners and municipalities can apply. In particular, cities can obtain financial support to modernise public lighting.

“Although the EFEKT programme is small compared to other grant programmes, it is gaining importance,” said the Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade René Neděla.

The EFEKT project was updated in 2017 with the launch of the new State Energy Savings Support Programme 2017-2021. It places more of an emphasis on soft measures geared towards raising awareness of the benefits of energy savings, providing energy advice and promoting Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) projects and the introduction of energy management.

The approval of the new programme included an increase in the amount allocated for 2017-2021 to 750 million crowns (28,7 million euros), with a maximum annual budget of 150 million crowns (5,7 million euros).

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