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Czech Republic and Kosovo join the Powering Past Coal Alliance

Ten members including the United States, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Cyprus, Norway and the Dominican Republic have joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA), underscoring that even the most coal-heavy countries worldwide are looking to a future beyond fossil fuels.

OECD and EU countries make up a quarter of the world’s operating coal capacity. Only five European countries including, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Malta are not yet PPCA members.

“The Czech Republic stood alongside Germany and Poland as one of the three big coal laggards in the EU,” said Alexandru Mustață, Campaigner at Beyond Fossil Fuels. “Today’s announcement shows that like most European nations, it is looking to a future beyond coal that is more secure, more economic, and above all: more sustainable. Now the Czech Republic has a great opportunity to tap into its immense solar and wind potential, which currently accounts for less than four per cent of the country’s power and bring forward its coal exit in line with Europe’s climate goals.”

To be compatible with the goals of the UN Paris climate agreement, the Czech Republic’s planned coal end date of 2033 should be moved forward by three years. As the third largest coal-fired emission generator in Europe, the country has been slow to invest in renewable energy, increasing electricity generation from solar and wind by only 13.6 per cent while the EU as a whole increased almost 88 per cent over the last five years.

This could change rapidly, considering other PPCA members from historically coal-heavy countries like Greece and Hungary have chosen to boost renewable growth considerably. For example, since joining the PPCA in 2021, Hungary’s support of small energy producers contributed to a boom in rooftop solar installations, increasing the country’s solar generation by 23 per cent.

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