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ČEZ ESCO and LIBERTY Steel Group cooperate on the decarbonisation of the Czech steel industry

ČEZ ESCO, a member of Czech utility company ČEZ Group will cooperate with LIBERTY Steel Group for the decarbonisation of the integrated steel company LIBERTY Ostrava.

Based on renewable energy, Ostrava’s GREENSTEEL transformation programme, which combines the resources and green vision of the Czech Republic‘s leading green energy and steel companies, will be a major step in the decarbonisation of the Czech steel industry and the development of GREENSTEEL production.

Through this partnership, ČEZ ESCO and LIBERTY have agreed to create a comprehensive programme to develop sustainable electric, thermal and hydrogen energy sources required to drive LIBERTY Ostrava’s transition from carbon to hydrogen. The partnership will support LIBERTY’s previously announced plans to develop sustainable energy infrastructure at Ostrava in support of its aim to be a carbon-neutral enterprise by 2030.

“As the leading provider of zero and low energy solutions we are prepared to accelerate our contributions to the Czech Republic’s decarbonisation effort,” said Kamil Čermák, Chairman of the board of directors of ČEZ ESCO. “Industry generates 28 per cent of the total emissions of the Czech Republic, its decarbonisation will be challenging and will require focused effort and overcoming many obstacles. As part of this Declaration, we will work with the LIBERTY Ostrava team to identify low and zero-carbon technologies and solutions, especially in the area of renewable energy and hydrogen and how they could bring the most benefit to Ostrava and the Czech steel industry more widely.”

“Our goal is to transform LIBERTY Ostrava into a modern GREENSTEEL plant at the heart of Europe,” added Sanjeev Gupta, the Executive Chairman of LIBERTY Steel Group. “In ČEZ ESCO we have a partner that shares our vision for the sustainable industry and we will work together to develop the renewable energy sources and innovative technologies required. The transformation of LIBERTY Ostrava will be a major step for the decarbonisation of the steel industry in the Czech Republic and more widely across Europe.”

LIBERTY Steel Group plans to invest billions of Czech Korunas in the LIBERTY Ostrava’s GREENSTEEL transformation programme over the course of the next eight years so that it is carbon neutral by 2030.

The key element of the programme will be the replacement of the steelwork’s existing four tandem furnaces with two hybrid electric arc furnaces, allowing the use of a higher volume of steel scrap and a range of different charge materials, reducing reliance on imported coal and iron ore and significantly reducing CO2 emissions. In addition to the modernisation of the steel shop, the transformation will also include an extensive modernisation of the steel rolling mills, which will improve the quality of steel and expand the product portfolio with high added value products. The investment programme will also see the creation of a renewable power plant for electricity production as well as the development of the LIBERTY GREENSTEEL Academy.

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