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Bulgaria reports progress in biodiversity protection and closure of landfills

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Environment and Water has reported progress in the protection of biodiversity and closing down old landfills.

“We started working on delayed projects such as highways, railway sections, the gas storage in Chiren – projects that I believe will ensure Bulgaria’s independence and sustainability,” said Minister Rositsa Karamfilova.

According to her, one of the biggest challenges faced by the Ministry was the adoption of the first specific and detailed conservation goals for Bulgaria for 43 protected areas, without which a number of significant projects would have been blocked. Thus, by adopting these goals, Bulgaria fulfilled a requirement by the European Commission of 2019.

Some progress was also made with regard to air quality and as a response to the infringement procedure launched by the Commission against Bulgaria, which is now at risk of high sanctions. Minister Karamfilova hopes that the procedure won’t move forward and assured that Bulgaria will show more progress and will make serious investments in the protection of the environment.

Regarding old landfills, the Minister underlined that as of 1 August, the closure of four out of eight has already been communicated to the Commission, while an additional one is about to be reported.

One of the main achievements underlined by Ms Karamfilova was the successful fulfilment of the obligations under the flood directive: updated flood hazard and risk maps have already been adopted by 127 areas identified as significant potential risks.

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