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Bulgaria endorses 1.5 billion euro-programme for greener and more sustainable goals

Bulgaria has approved the Environment Programme for the next 7 years, establishing greener and more sustainable goals.

The total amount of funds is 1.5 billion euros and it took two years to be finalised having involved regional and local authorities, socio-economic partners, non-governmental organisations, the academic community and various stakeholders.

Overall, the objectives continue to be related to the improvement of the water supply infrastructure and air quality, environmentally friendly waste management and conservation of the country’s rich biodiversity. Measures to prevent and manage the risk of floods, landslides and forest fires are included in the Risk and Climate Change priority.

In detail, over 715 million euros will be spent on expanding and modernising the water and sanitation infrastructure for the consolidated areas of Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Pleven, Sofia-city, Sofia-region, Targovishte, Haskovo and Dobrich. Over 312 million euros are the funds to promote the transition to a circular economy with efficient use of resources. Systems for separate collection and recycling of biodegradable waste, centres for separate collection and preparation for reuse and repair, reclamation of landfills and information and explanatory campaigns will be financed.

Under the third priority, the measures for the development of the Natura 2000 network will continue, as well as for the protection and restoration of ecosystems outside the network. The planned budget for this priority is 132.47 million euros.
Finally, the envisaged eligible measures under the fourth priority Risk and Climate Change include the capacity to fight forest fires, the development of digital models, analyses and forecasts in relation to climate change and others.

Furthermore, more than 395 million euros will be directed to measures to reduce harmful emissions from domestic heating and transport, deal with secondary dust, improve the monitoring of air quality, as well as to create a national network of air quality experts.

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