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A coalition of climate and environmental groups ask for renewable heating for all

Seven civil society organisations from across Europe asked the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States to provide clean renewable heating for all in order to tackle the climate crisis and avoid a future energy price crunch in the European Union.

The organisations proposed measures such as replacing fossil-fuelled heating with
renewables and diverting fossil fuel subsidies to renewable energy solutions.

“As fossil gas prices have soared, millions have been left at greater risk of energy
poverty”, signatories declared in a special manifesto.

“Despite the worsening climate crisis and health risk, many European governments continue to subsidise and encourage the installation of fossil gas boilers and oil boilers. This short-sighted measure will lock households into expensive, polluting fossil fuels for decades to come”, underscored the organisations.

According to them, every newly sold fossil fuel boiler locks the EU into 25 years of emissions while making people dependent on volatile gas prices for a long time to come.

“Renewable, non-emitting heating and cooling solutions have been on the market for years and are now mature technologies”, signatories suggested, recommending redirection of support and policies to the deployment of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy solutions.

They also asked to ensure that low-income households and vulnerable consumers get access to home retrofitting and renewable heating installation.

“The European Union and national governments must rapidly scale up programmes that ensure all households can take advantage of the benefits of energy savings and renewable heating technologies”.

The manifesto was co-signed by Bankwatch, CAN Europe, ECOS – Environmental Coalition on Standards, EEB – European Environmental Bureau, Friends of the Earth Europe, Global Witness and Greenpeace.

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