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Energy plays a crucial role, today more than ever, following geopolitical turmoils, supply disruptions that led to record-high energy prices and climate change induced-events that put a strain on energy companies worldwide. Energy leaders, therefore, face unprecedented challenges and how they react to them, will determine not only the future of their companies and organisations but of entire nations.

That’s why, at CEENERGYNEWS, we have decided to give recognition to the efforts of inspiring individuals from the energy industry, whether they are leading a business, driving its growth and its people, or sharing their expertise through different channels (i.e. think tanks, publications, associations, alliances etc). We have also decided to give special recognition to the future generation of energy leaders, under 35 years old: through today’s contributions, they are creating a better world for tomorrow, based on a stronger and more resilient energy industry.

Until 21 June 2023, you can help us identify the most influential energy leaders of Central and Eastern Europe, by nominating and filling out a brief form. Once the candidates are finalised, the voting period will be open until 30 October 2023.

Finally, join us in giving recognition to these inspiring people at an in-person awards ceremony in Budapest, Hungary, on 4 December 2023.

The most influential
energy leader in CEE

The nominee must be someone who, according to you:

  • has driven the sustainability agenda of his/her company;
  • has responded efficiently to recent challenges (high energy prices, energy disruptions caused by the war and natural events, geopolitical turmoils in the energy world);
  • has positively inspired members of the team.

The most influential
energy expert

The nominee must be someone whose work/insights/initiatives, according to you:

  • had a positive impact on a process, industry or community;
  • have challenged others into thinking differently and have driven constructive discussion;
  • have shaped the energy industry locally and/or globally by creating discussion opportunities and driving real change around.

The best young energy influencer in CEE
(under 35 years old)

The nominee must be someone under 35 who, according to you:

  • has made a concrete contribution to the energy sector (through a start-up, an initiative, a project);
  • is inspiring other young people and show them example;
  • has shaped the local environmental policy.

Women influencers
sponsored by

Women occupy only 20% of leadership roles in the energy industry worldwide. Help us give them more visibility, by nominating top manager women that can inspire younger generations.

*NB: this is a special recognition as part of our partnership with WONY. You can also nominate the same person in one of the other categories.



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