Saturday, January 23, 2021

Zsófia Biró

Zsófia Biró

Michał Kurtyka: transition goals must be not only ambitious but above all realistic

How can Member States reach the new emissions reduction target? For Poland, the green transition cannot see people and societies left behind and transition goals must be not only ambitious but also realistic.

New member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance: Eesti Energia is in!

Eesti Energia joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance aiming at launching pilot projects for the production of green hydrogen with the help of its wind farms.

Chinese manufacturer SEMCORP sets up a plant in Hungary to serve Europe’s future automotive industry

SEMCORP, which makes lithium-ion battery separator films for electric vehicle batteries, will establish its first outside-of-China plant in the Debrecen to serve the needs of the European region.

EIT InnoEnergy sets the European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Centre in action

EIT InnoEnergy’s aim with the European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Centre is to support the development of an annual 100 billion euros green hydrogen economy by 2025.

Decarbonising Europe’s buildings: the key is energy efficiency, not hydrogen

The European Alliance to Save Energy highlighted that to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050 an enormous reduction in gas demand is required, but with a focus on immediately available and cost-effective solutions rather than hydrogen.

Reduce carbon footprint from the fashion industry is a must

The global fashion industry produces the equivalent to the combined annual GHG emissions of France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Reduce its carbon footprint is a must.

Let’s ASPIRE! The 2030 Vision for energy consumers

EU consumers can now take better decisions regarding their energy use, incentivising energy efficiency measures in the areas of heating, cooling and domestic hot water. New EU provisions also address the issue of the poorest and most vulnerable consumers.

MVM Group acquires Enexio Hungary opening business opportunities also in China

MVM Group acquired 100 % ownership of the Hungarian subsidiary of the German energy company Enexio, together with its two Chinese subsidiaries, aiming to become an active player in the Chinese energy market.

EU islands pioneers of the Green Deal

22 further European islands have now published a clean energy transition agenda, including islands from Croatia and Greece which aim to become energy-sufficient and phase out fossil fuels.

On the Sunny Side: Croatia’s ZEZ campaigns for spreading PV systems

Croatia’s Green Energy Cooperative Zelena Energetska Zadruga (ZEZ) has launched the On the Sunny Side campaign for making installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic (SPV)...

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Hydrogen: is it hype or new reality?

Marta Halabala, a senior associate at Asters, writes about the factors that have contributed to an increased focus on hydrogen and how Ukraine can be a priority partner to implement the European Hydrogen Strategy.

Beyond 9 to 5: saving the environment by working from home?

After a year of continuous lockdowns, many believe that we should change our past working patterns. Teleworking has overarching implications on many fields of our lives, from digitalisation to sustainability.

MET Group completes acquisition of 42 MW wind park in Bulgaria

MET Group has completed the acquisition of a 42 MW wind park in Bulgaria from Enel Green Power. The transaction is part of MET’s growth strategy to develop a significant renewable portfolio in CEE.

Offshore wind-green hydrogen projects are not competitive with fossil-fuel-made version yet

Companies see a big potential in offshore wind development with several large-scale farms planned to be completed in the next 5 years. However, looking at the economics of blending green hydrogen with offshore wind, Rystad Energy finds that high costs remain a show-stopper.