Thursday, February 25, 2021



Energy Intensive Industries comment on the 2030 Target Climate Plan

Energy Intensive Industries welcomed the 2030 Target Climate Plan highlighting the need for rapid progress on the demonstration of new technologies by 2030.

GAZ-SYSTEM moves ahead with the Poland-Lithuania gas interconnector

GAZ-SYSTEM has concluded a contract for the construction works related to the second part of the northern section of the Poland-Lithuania gas interconnector.

SolarPower Europe: how to make Europe’s energy system climate neutral before 2050

The study models a 100 per cent renewables scenario for Europe to reach climate neutrality before 2050.

A cost-effective scenario for Europe to reach climate neutrality

A 100% renewable scenario would result in lower per-unit energy costs, showing that achieving climate neutrality by 2050 is also cost-effective.

The EU calls for a strategy on energy integration

The European Commission underlined the importance of better linking up our energy system and exploit the synergies enabled by an integrated energy system. The European Green...

Lithuania turns to solar to stimulate the economy

Lithuania is turning to solar energy to both address the current economic crisis and give a boost to the use of renewable sources.

LUKOIL moving ahead with its Caspian Sea fields

LUKOIL launched of the living quarters' platform for the Valery Grayfer field from the yard to the Caspian Sea, moving forward with the construction.

EBRD to support solar energy in Poland

The EBRD is supporting the expansion of Estonian Enefit Green in Poland, to drive forward the development of solar energy in a market dominated by carbon fuel.

European Commission: European gas markets

The European Commission's quarterly report on European gas markets highlights how net gas imports increased by 8% y-o-y in the fourth quarter, but the overall gas import bill fell significantly.

PKN ORLEN determined to proceed with the acquisition of LOTOS Group

The European Commission issued a written Statement of Objections to Poland’s biggest refinery PKN ORLEN regarding the potential acquisition of LOTOS Group.  “We are determined...

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