Friday, October 23, 2020



One city from CEE wins the title of European Green Leaf 2021

The title of European Green Leaf 2021 went to one city from CEE, Gabrovo in Bulgaria, commended for its commitment to energy efficiency and clean technology implementation over the past decade.

Amber Grid to further invest for Lithuania’s gas supply diversification

By 2029, Amber Grid plans to implement gas transmission system development investment projects aimed at diversifying gas supply sources in Lithuania and the region.

Ukraine’s RES producers ask government to respect MoU reducing feed-in tariffs

Members of the European Ukrainian Energy Agency and the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association are asking the government to respect the MoU which reduced the feed-in tariffs for renewable energy producers.

Audi Hungaria becomes the second carbon-neutral Audi site

The production at the Audi plant in Hungary is now carbon neutral. Europe’s largest building-based photovoltaic system has officially been inaugurated and it will reduce CO2 emissions by almost 4,900 tonnes.

One of the biggest PV projects in Europe to be built in Greece

The EBRD is investing 75 mln euros in the successful Eurobond tap issuance by Hellenic Petroleum. When completed, the PV project will be the largest-scale RES initiative project in Greece and one of the biggest PV projects in Europe.

Further steps for the realisation of the gas interconnection Bulgaria-Serbia have been made

Further steps towards the realisation of the Interconnection Bulgaria – Serbia have been recently made. About 28 million euros of EU funds will be awarded for the construction of the Bulgarian section.

Renovation Wave must ensure sufficient and dedicated funds for buildings renovations

Members of the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) are welcoming the Renovation Wave as a conditio sine qua non to reach the increased GHG emissions target and insist on sufficient and dedicated funds for buildings renovation.

US and Bulgaria strategic partnership is key to the region’s energy diversification

Bulgaria is actively working to ensure energy security and is appreciating the US support for the implementation of the priority infrastructure projects in this area, including the interconnector Greece-Bulgaria and the LNG terminal near Alexandroupolis.

Dams are a threat to Western Balkans rivers: NGOs call for ending subsidies for hydropower projects

Populations of freshwater species have declined by 84 per cent since 1970 and 60% of Europe's rivers are in bad health. WWF Adria and CEE Bankwatch are drawing attention to the Western Balkans’ region, home to some of the last free-flowing rivers and currently under attack.

Siemens to provide exclusive hydrogen source for Germany and the Czech Republic

Siemens Smart Infrastructure signed a contract with WUN H2 to build one of the largest hydrogen production plants in Germany. The project will give the northern Bavaria region and the Western Bohemia (in the Czech Republic) their very own hydrogen source.

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Technology to achieve net-zero energy buildings already exists and it is cheap

A new study revealed that the technology and skills already exist to achieve net- or nearly- zero energy building in almost every part of the world at costs in the range of those of traditional projects.

Slovenia and Hungary to connect their electricity grid from next year

Works to build the 80-kilometres-long 400 kV transmission line Cirkovce-Pince connecting the Slovenian and Hungarian transmission networks began putting an end to negotiations that started in the middle of the 90s’.

The US leading role at the Three Seas Initiative Summit

The US agreed to pledge up to 1 billion euros to the Three Seas Initiative for investments in the transport sector, energy and digital infrastructures. The US is committed to helping the region divest itself of its energy dependence.

Lukoil and Rostec sign cooperation agreement

LUKOIL signed a cooperation agreement with Rostec State Corporation that will contribute to the efficiency of production, transportation, processing, refining and sales of hydrocarbons.