Saturday, January 23, 2021

Evelin Szőke

Evelin Szőke

Serbia to start the second phase of the Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor

Serbian national transmission system operator started the second phase of the Trans-Balkan Corridor, contributing to the secure power supply in the region.

Hungarian energy companies step up to achieve 2050 climate goals

Hungary is involving its stakeholders to exchange thoughts on how to achieve climate goals while raising awareness of corporate responsibility.

European Commission backs Bulgarian waste management project to achieve energy efficiency

The European Commission has approved an investment of over 77 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to upgrade the integrated waste...

Hungary supports pilot projects in the field of energy innovation

Hungary supports investments in the field of energy innovations, to make 90 per cent of the electricity generated carbon-free by 2030.

Shell enters the e-mobility market in Hungary

Shell intends to strengthen its presence on the market of electromobility in Central Europe by installing its first high-powered charging station in Hungary.

Hungary strikes deal with Gazprom to secure gas supplies for 2020

Hungary will purchase an additional 2.2 billion cubic metres of gas from Russian energy giant Gazprom, thus assuring the country’s gas supply for 2020.

Construction of the new coal power plant in Kosovo put to halt

ContourGlobal cancelled its plans to build a 500 MW coal-fired power plant in Kosovo citing the unfolding political.

Siemens to supply turbines for Russian NOVATEK’s Obskiy LNG project

Siemens signed a 130 million euros contract with NOVATEK, on supplying gas turbines and compressor equipment for the Obskiy liquefied natural gas project.

Czech PM: Europe should forget about the Green Deal and focus on coronavirus

Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš urged Europe to abandon the objectives of its landmark agreement to reach the continent's climate neutrality. As reported by...

Hungary’s transmission operator guarantees electricity supply amid coronavirus

Hungary's transmission operator Mavir guarantees electricity supply amid coronavirus outbreak.

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Hydrogen: is it hype or new reality?

Marta Halabala, a senior associate at Asters, writes about the factors that have contributed to an increased focus on hydrogen and how Ukraine can be a priority partner to implement the European Hydrogen Strategy.

Beyond 9 to 5: saving the environment by working from home?

After a year of continuous lockdowns, many believe that we should change our past working patterns. Teleworking has overarching implications on many fields of our lives, from digitalisation to sustainability.

MET Group completes acquisition of 42 MW wind park in Bulgaria

MET Group has completed the acquisition of a 42 MW wind park in Bulgaria from Enel Green Power. The transaction is part of MET’s growth strategy to develop a significant renewable portfolio in CEE.

Offshore wind-green hydrogen projects are not competitive with fossil-fuel-made version yet

Companies see a big potential in offshore wind development with several large-scale farms planned to be completed in the next 5 years. However, looking at the economics of blending green hydrogen with offshore wind, Rystad Energy finds that high costs remain a show-stopper.