Friday, October 23, 2020

Claudia Patricolo

Claudia Patricolo
Claudia Patricolo is the editor-in-chief of CEENERGYNEWS.

We must prepare for the new world – interview with MET Group CEO Benjamin Lakatos

Benjamin Lakatos, CEO of MET Group, speaks about the importance of energy diversification and the role that both natural gas and renewables will play in the company’s future.

Smartphones and computers could pollute almost like the whole transportation sector

GHG emissions from computers and phones could account for more than half of the current relative contribution of the whole transportation sector.

Tesco’s sustainable and business goals in CEE – interview with Matt Simister, CEO of Tesco Central Europe

Matt Simister, CEO of Tesco Central Europe speaks about the company’s support to local communities during the coronavirus of crisis as well as the sustainable and business goals of the Group.

ČEZ officially starts the divestment process in Poland

ČEZ officially started the divestment process in Poland. After the market sounding, interested investors will be asked to present non-binding offers.

Ukraine’s oil and gas industry requires certain government decisions

Naftogaz Group is seeking to increase its resource base through the exploration of new fields and by developing the potential of new projects. However, the oil and gas industry requires certain government decisions.

A digital and sustainable champion – interview with Attila Kiss, CEO of E.ON Hungária

Attila Kiss, Chairman and CEO of E.ON Hungária, speaks about what does it mean for the company to act sustainably and how are they preparing for the challenges of the 21st century.

Bulk-buying: eat healthy, waste less and save money

Buying in bulk has all the advantages we could think of. We get to eat healthier food and at the same time, we also save money. We generate less waste, living a more sustainable life. Bulk-buying is an essential component of a zero waste lifestyle.

DNV GL: the decarbonisation is not happening fast enough

For DNV GL, the decarbonisation is not happening fast enough. Although carbon emissions have peaked in 2019, they will not fall sufficiently by 2050 and DNV GL estimates a rise in average global temperatures of 2.3°C above pre-industrial levels.

Poland to follow the EU’s climate targets

Ten months after the European Commission unveiled the European Green Deal, Poland is finally committing to the bloc’s targets, launching a new National Energy Policy which expects RES to account for at least 23% of the final gross energy consumption.

Scale-up investments and innovation key to energy transition – interview with IEA’s László Varró

László Varró, Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency, speaks about the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition and the renewable future of our continent.

Most Read

Technology to achieve net-zero energy buildings already exists and it is cheap

A new study revealed that the technology and skills already exist to achieve net- or nearly- zero energy building in almost every part of the world at costs in the range of those of traditional projects.

Slovenia and Hungary to connect their electricity grid from next year

Works to build the 80-kilometres-long 400 kV transmission line Cirkovce-Pince connecting the Slovenian and Hungarian transmission networks began putting an end to negotiations that started in the middle of the 90s’.

The US leading role at the Three Seas Initiative Summit

The US agreed to pledge up to 1 billion euros to the Three Seas Initiative for investments in the transport sector, energy and digital infrastructures. The US is committed to helping the region divest itself of its energy dependence.

Lukoil and Rostec sign cooperation agreement

LUKOIL signed a cooperation agreement with Rostec State Corporation that will contribute to the efficiency of production, transportation, processing, refining and sales of hydrocarbons.