Saturday, January 23, 2021

Claudia Patricolo

Claudia Patricolo
Claudia Patricolo is the editor-in-chief of CEENERGYNEWS.

Poland believes coronavirus to hinder the EU climate efforts

Following the Czech Republic, also Poland expressed its concerns over the achievement of the European climate targets, due to the impact the coronavirus epidemic...

Russia’s Rosneft to implement a comprehensive water conservation programme

In occasion of the World Water Day, Rosneft decided to implement a comprehensive water conservation programme using cutting-edge technologies.

Nord Stream 2 rejects Poland’s stance and seeks for a derogation from the EU

After PGNiG was allowed to join the procedure, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline keeps pushing its case for a derogation from new EU rules on non-EU gas links.

Russia agrees to Belarus’ terms for oil supply

Belarus and Russia agreed to restart oil supplies after months of negotiations after Russia accepted Belarus’ terms regarding the transit fees.

Poland launches the Urban Agenda to support sustainable cities

Poland announced its new Urban Agenda, aimed at improving the quality of life of residents and supporting cities in their transition towards sustainability and...

LUKOIL is further developing its renewable energy sector

LUKOIL has started to perform wind monitoring near the current Tsimlyansk hydropower plant for the first stage of constructing a wind power plant.

Croatia’s HEP Gas acquires a 702 kilometres long gas distribution network

Croatian power utility HEP acquires 702 kilometres long gas distribution network in the Vukovar-Srijem county.

SOCAR confirms oil and gas reserves in the Garabagh field

SOCAR and Equinor confirmed the discovery of the Karabakh field in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea.

EU Cohesion Policy approves investments in green projects in Czechia, Poland and Hungary

The European Commission approved an investment package worth more than 1.4 billion euros of EU funds in 14 large infrastructure projects in several Member...

The EU adopts the New Circular Economy Action Plan for the decarbonisation of our economy

The EU adopts the New Circular Economy Action Plan for the decarbonisation of our economy.

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Hydrogen: is it hype or new reality?

Marta Halabala, a senior associate at Asters, writes about the factors that have contributed to an increased focus on hydrogen and how Ukraine can be a priority partner to implement the European Hydrogen Strategy.

Beyond 9 to 5: saving the environment by working from home?

After a year of continuous lockdowns, many believe that we should change our past working patterns. Teleworking has overarching implications on many fields of our lives, from digitalisation to sustainability.

MET Group completes acquisition of 42 MW wind park in Bulgaria

MET Group has completed the acquisition of a 42 MW wind park in Bulgaria from Enel Green Power. The transaction is part of MET’s growth strategy to develop a significant renewable portfolio in CEE.

Offshore wind-green hydrogen projects are not competitive with fossil-fuel-made version yet

Companies see a big potential in offshore wind development with several large-scale farms planned to be completed in the next 5 years. However, looking at the economics of blending green hydrogen with offshore wind, Rystad Energy finds that high costs remain a show-stopper.